Be Your Own ‘Guru’

It is not such a big deal to be a weirdo….Whole groups with thousands of people are devoted to being weirdos….Reminds me of the late ‘Robert Frost’…..” took the other just as fair and having, perhaps, the ‘better’ claim because it was grassy and wanted wear; but, as for that, the passing there had worn them REALLY ABOUT THE… SAME!”

The ‘herd’…the ‘lone wolf’ or the herd of lone ‘wolfs’…..LOL

the real lone wolves do not gather in herds….nor do they always appear to be unusual, although they may sometimes appear so, it is more a personal choice than a bid to be noticed, worshipped, or adored…for those who truly find ‘detachment’ there is no need TO________….no desire TO________….and who among the herd of lone wolves can say they no longer need or care for:










(fill in the blank ad nauseum)….You cannot achieve that kind of state unless you are ‘dead’ to this world…….

…….and what does that really mean after all?

And if you are ‘dead’ to this world why be here? Why write anything? Why ask anything? Why claim anything? Why love, hate,argue, win,lose, or even care? EVEN BY CLAIMING THAT YOU ARE PAST THESE THINGS YOU ARE STILL CONNECTED ENOUGH TO NOTICE THEM TO MAKE OR IMPLY THE CLAIM…

…therefore NOT ‘free’…Who is truly free ?????



Wolves….real life wolves…mate for life…die for thier mates…play with their young…know what teamwork means…have more loyalty and honour and honesty than many humans…..

There was a time when everything was all key words and catch phrases:






(fill in the blank ad nauseum)

yes all those things are great to say and should be…we should all be peaceful…at the same time such words are tossed about like candy after a heavy meal by people with brightly coloured eye catching pix and thousands of friends they barely speak to and it is all a huge “NOTICE ME” party……that is all well and good and NORMAL for people who are not interested in being ‘enlightened’ …..but for people who claim they are???????? People who try to appear to be THAT??????

I know a few REAL ones

They are not showy. Even if they have huge lists of friends they have dignity almost always….they are what they are without even needing to make any claim for what they are…they just ARE…no comparisons…no arguments…no need to be right…no need to justify anything…write treatises that sound like they came from an Orwellian manual on truth.

What Do You Think?

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