Five points, Five Fingers, Five Senses, Five Demons, Five Infinities,


Rip Reason from random reserves,

Hurl spears of logic skywards asking for the answers NOW….the ROAD…the BEING…..

She offers Milk of Life to one who walks alone…

Earth takes a moment from the care of her children to give the lone traveller a drink…..

Each chosen for some reason unexplained the inner ‘we’ in linked on forever like chains of flowers…

Undying on the heads of maidens…

He drinks the side of death without fear….

He knows the twist in time that leads to nothing and to all….

Wash of rains…the waters flowing as if Birth is every moment and Death always holds hands…

With her this odd lovers Union outside of any human understanding as those beyond make themselves….


…… HE IS!

He walks the world with silent feet like shadows falling soft still swift….

The hands that race across the words of power and grace and still beyond is more imagination….

Mind like more than one makes music motion into matter’s space and takes logic down to nothing….

In many minds and hearts he walks and eats the fruit of their carefully hidden trees and laughs…

And in the laughter loves as fiercely as the father will a child from whose mother he had shared…

married to the Earth beneath his feet and yet above his soul….


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