The Masks of Love

You gave the ring from bubble gum machine
You asked me to wed on the playground at school
Then You left for another
The ring turned my finger as green as the stone which fell out
Until we met again and You were in disguise once more
I gave You my blood for Your love I was torn
I could not see how You loved me and we parted again by Authority…
I met You once more and You appeared a handsome young man
Sky blue eyes and broad smile and in midnight’s blue
I left You for You confused me with Your desire
Wrecked Your motorcycle and no longer knew me
I went to see You in the hospital
Again You came back with a smile
You called Yourself the ‘Snowman’
Pulled coins from behind people’s ears and rabbits from hats
Brutalized me with your flesh and cried
When I left with You
You in the form of one black eyed, blond haired once Jewish guitar player
You left me as I has left You once before

I met You again many years later
In the laughing black eyes of a Chitrali who danced through my heart
And left me haunted
Until You came once more to make me love You
To leave the Panjab in my soul
Even while You stalked me for four years in the body of Morocco

And when I could no longer dance or sing in the real world
You came to me again in Dreams and we wrote poetry together
You burned Delhi in my brain…
Then You came again and asked me if I would join You
Learn how to meditate but that love is above…
You came in Illusion again…tall Jordan with sardonic face
I wrote poetry for You…but You left once more
You came back to me again from Pakistan as Night and Day
You taught me prayers Arabic
To leave me many times in tears and poetry in Lands of Dreams
You yet come and sear my heart from the East…

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