Nothing against that most interesting…..guru?

I had a friend last year that expounded Osho in depth and focused in on how morality was relative and meant nothing. This while he was screwing the love of his best friend’s life behind his best friend’s back and she was married to SOMEONE ELSE….and SHE told me in confidence this ‘love of her life’ used her and her husband, like a leech, to get a head…all the backstabbing that went on behind smiley faces and hugs and peace and love and light!

Now this friend from last year has gotten a girl pregnant…and now he is back tracking on the validity of his beloved Osho….He does not want his child to see an immoral life…Let me tell you about living honestly….

Once upon a Time there was a hippy family named Kane. They lived out back where a huge moto-cross field connected a poor neighborhood to a middle class one and we all rode it or hiked it or visited across it or rode the ‘Iron Horses’ there when the horses still bucked. The Kanes lived behind Mo-jo and they were all about peace and love and light! They were Osho Hippy Diciples and they biked to his events where ever they were in the late 70’s. Their mother was a skinny radiant meth-head who strip teased at an all nude reveiw in a seedy biker bar and her husband LOVED this…They used the, ‘Do what thou wilt be the whole of the law’ plus a dash of Hinduism and Buddism thrown in for good measure to excuse thier swinger lifestyle. Free love…peace…smoke dope…party…that was all the order of the day and then she got pregnant with thier baby boy. His real name I will withold but I will give him one…Jasper.

After much consideration and many soul searchings asking me…asking Mo-jo…asking Mike…asking everyone they could they threw our advice out the window and decided to live thier lives by Osho, freely and honestly, in front of their son….so he was raised around sex, drugs and rock and roll from a small child.

The few times I partied there that small boy would run from person to person begging for a sip of beer or a token toke off a joint and sometimes his father would even sanction this. His father WAS the head of that family and if he said his son got whatever he wanted he did…even to watch his mother have sex with someone else because he was curious…because it was GOOD to be so free and honest….

I left that group long ago…

the last time I saw Jasper he was 6 years old. The last time I heard of the Kane Boys was that they were running from the law in 1990….

I heard about Jasper not long ago. He is 30 years old now and has been in and out of jail all his life for drugs and armed robbery. In 2003 I heard he would not be pardoned until he was close to 50….

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