Yesterday’s Neighbor

When they moved in mom asked them to move the old TV while she was screaming “White Trash!”

So they noticed me….especially one fellow who is 39 years old named Anton. When mom cannot make it by to help me I use my walker to transport things. One day after they moved in I was going out to the dumpster with the trash on the seat of the walker…it is hard to lever the walker over the curb and suddenly that day someone ‘whooshed’ behind me at a run and grabbed the trash….


Over the last month he talks to me when he comes to take the trash on the way over…our last conversation was typical,

“You still a pretty lady how old are you?”


“You live there yourself I know cause I watch out for you and no man ever comes.”

“Yes but I am OK…..Mom comes by all the time and I never know when one of my brothers will show up…” (hardly ever but he probably knows that if he is watching out for me.)

“You know we gotta be nice to people ’cause you never know someone might be an angel in disguise….”

“Yes this is true…”

“You know even big women need love too…”

“Yeah…when Allah sends me a husband I guess I will get that.”

“Oh yeah you Muslim…Why you Muslim I already did that whole scene once what you get out of it?”


“Sho doan look like paradise to me..” he shakes his head….”

Then he goes back to his apartment and I go to mine shaking my head.

Over these trips I learned he lost his wife to cancer and that he has children by three women and is proud of that and he wants to make love to me….sigh….over the last month since they moved in he rings the door bell and by the time I get there he is gone….if the door is open to let the air in when the weather is good he says something through the privacy screen door and by the time I get there he is gone.

Last night he rang the doorbell..I opened the door and there he was. He came in and shut the door. Bold fellow but it isn’t like I lived a while so…? He said,

“You ‘fraid of me?”


“You ‘fraid of me I know you are.”

“What gives you that idea…have some tea?”

“No no tea.”

“Ok sit down then”

“No I won’t sit down”



“Cause why?”

“You ain’t ‘fraid of me?” He seemed hopeful and disappointed at once,

“No not at all…”

“Then why you never come to the door when I yell in?”

“I do but you are already gone.”

“Ain’t I a good lookin’ guy and you in that power wheel chair and weak and all you gotta grab whatever you can get in life…Here I am…”

“I am not sleeping with any man unless I marry him…I am not interested in hell. Are you sure you don’t want tea?”

“No Tea no games…”

“I don’t play games.”

“What will it take to get you?”

“La Illah ha illah Allah Mohammadan rasoolallah…and a molvi”

“I cain’t marry you! I am goin’…”

“OK have a nice evening”

Today his SUV is parked right outside my door…


Last night was a bad night….I woke up several times not breathing or breathing too fast….

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