Good Luck!

(this is the kind of thing that happens to old English Majors when they are bored.)





Write psych a like oh dressing on the words giggle giggle cause I’m nutso watch it out might off rub on ya! Hahahahaha ding dong mental cheesy ping pong eating fruit and cream in a nightmare of a dream…WAKE UP from the dingle berry dangled on a dogs butt world in mangled cherry chewing on a wall nut which would be me with tea spilled on the matress nothing for the moment that can get me any de tress cause I’m laughing like a manioc and banging padded walls while the words wiggle giggle and the brain food stalls in the halls of the holy where the supermen dance eating word salads on a whim and a chance and none of you will get it on a hot club sand witching spells watching which wag more dog tales in barrels on the streets of Greece in a vision and I am so sick of this shit I HAVE COME TO A DECISION! LIKE ME HATE ME IGGY ME BERATE ME I DON’T GIVE A DAMN FOR YOUR HIP DEEP DRAM like a poison in the shade rips the heart of the made to the the blow on time now imma climb fine to the top of the heap that mean less than nothing so go join your jerk jabber ain’t we sumpthin’ and if anybody wants to try to figure this out good luck if if you do just gimma a shout…

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