Things I Hope People Learned From Me

1) Old people are just young people with baggier skin and alot more things to remember and regret…the next time you look at your parents remember they were you once upon a time.

2) Never call ‘liar’ to someone you really don’t know. When you do this you call only yourself a liar. This mistake is how innocent women were burned at the Salem Witch Trials and how innocent people get to be collateral damage in wars.

3) Just because you are over 30 does not automatically make you smarter and just because you are 20 does not automatically mean you have learned everything there is to learn.

4) When someone says “Do as I say and not as I do”  they might still be worth hearing out even though they may be a hypocrite….especially if they are a drunk or a crackhead or an ex-party animal

5) Clubbing looks fun…is fun…for a season…after that ‘clubbing’ is all about gathering at the doctors office for smoke related cancer problems….

6) Falling in love is great every time it happens when you are young…and looking back at all those memories when you are old and alone can hurt really bad…find one…love one…stick to one…even if he gets bald and dragon breath or she gets fat and slow. Every time you trade the old model in for a new one you get the same model and soon you have to do it all over again.

7) All ‘klicks’ are NOT ‘klacks’

8) Don’t fight with Idiots…they do not have the mental capacity to understand that they are idiots.

9) You can learn from the opposite sex things you never knew before and none of it has to be a sin.

10) Hang on tight for the ride folkes the world is changing faster than anyone can imagine…try to find the good, the true, and the beautiful…and the word beautiful is not even a good one for what I mean here has nothing to do with Mr. Olympia or Miss Universe…and everything to do with a healthy creation: The trees the seas the bees and the living things around us…plant something…care for a stray…feed a beggar…all of these things are good, true and beautiful….

….as for me and my house: La illah ha ill allah.

What Do You Think?

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