I woke up and I was THERE! The lovely land of dreams! With joy I flexed long dead muscles and noticed SHE was with me. We waded into the shallows and soon into the deeper steam with it’s clear. lazy current and watched the red hilled and deep green velvet pass either side. Spicy white starflowers dotted each bank as I let the current take me past her just paddling aimlessly and then I noticed the rock walls of a narrow spot and jagged rocks pointing up from swirling white waters. I had noticed it before it noticed me and quickly same against the current back to where she was and it felt so GOOD to move freely!

“There are rapids ahead swim back!”

She nodded and we went back.

I wanted to see the whole lay of the stream and she waited in the sun with her hair like copper fire while a ring of trees stood sentinal all around, huge and tall from a high skied atmosphere and wearing gems of brilliant emerald in thier branches…..The shallows sparked white flecks of fire light bouncing from the shallow ripples in every direction and the smell of the air!!!!! I climbed and ran and jumped the hills up the steep banks making a tight trail through trees and overgrowth and careful not to break the limb of any plant and only tread on soil and they helped me…all the plants. Soon I saw the rapids far below and RAN THE RIDGES as if suddenly I had grown very tall and presently I came upon the fence of a white marble villa and before me was a patio with tables and recliners now empty. I kept going to see where the water came from and down below was a wide green pool ringed with emerald trees. Above it was an odd sort of white marble dam. They were drowning people alive in the water like sacrifices and one man’s mind grabbed mine and down I went with him as they forced him in the murky depths, naked except for one clothe around his waist that hung to his knees. He felt him hold his breath and saw the way the light looks from below as the sun shimmered pale through green debris…His heart was bent on escape. Not just his but all of those there….but they were DEAD!

I shuddered to think we had been sporting in the waters running from a living grave! That beauty could hide such evil! The man grabbed me somehow in spirit and with one last. mighty burst of strength I lended mine to his and all the spirits there broke free of the water and he and I rose out and him alive but his tormentors were long gone and, suddenly, also he was gone…the water was clean now…as I past the villa is was a ruin…nor fire haired girl waited in the sun for me…and so I jumped in the clean water and SWAM!

Until the sound of a computer booting up awoke me…

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