I have to change.

I have known this for some time now. Fair or unfair I have to change. I was born Hyperinsulinemic before doctors even believed that problem exsisted but doctors today know it DOES exsist and if I do not change I will be forced to change. In the old days they said, “Eat more suger! Keep candy around!” This was the way to deal with very low blood suger but they know differently now and while I was obediently becoming a suger addict thinking I was doing the right thing my body slowly came to this point.

It does not seem fair that I was blessed with so many health problems but this one I CAN do something about and I know what it is….the answer for me is the SAME answer that it is for any diabetic even though the problem is the opposite: NO MORE SUGER!


The last pleasure in my life! I can choose life or choose suger. I can feed the tumours suger or I can starve them. This is maybe going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done because the answer is not about a DIET or a FAST……(I cannot fast without passing out)…It is about making a conscious choice to live the rest of my life without pure sweet in it….and sweet is my only ‘sweet’ left…but I know I have to do this. My glucose monitor is telling me, “You are ‘drop-kicking’ and ‘rollercoaster spiking’ and how long will it be before your pancreas screams ‘ENOUGH!!!!!’ and you end up shooting up?”

This choice has been staring at me for a long time. I have monitored my blood suger for years and I never went above 140. Tonight I went to 180 and, yes, it is coming down rapidly….TOO RAPIDLY…but that is a high number and a wake up call!

Transitioning sucks because I have done this once before as a diet to lose weight…I can do it but it means no:





White Bread

White Rice (Basmati in small amounts the exception)

No Soda

No White Suger

No Donuts

No Bagels

Nothing that has any carbohydrate that is not a slow reacting carbohydrate…in short: No more American food. If it is white and sweet SPIT IT OUT! And deal with the blood suger lows by eating things constantly that are low/no carbohydrate for the REST OF MY LIFE! Time to buy ‘Ezekial’ Bread…Yeah I will lose weight…I can do that much for myself by myself…the other things Allah and a doctor have to deal with. It is not fair to get this genetic set up but I did get it….

…..probably from my Cherokee great grandmother.

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