1980 (Social Cancer)

Fed on neon signs and smog breeze!

Boring jobs and fast food fry grease,

Try to chase the American dream

And get, Ulcers and a bitchin’ family,


They need THE ANSWER…


Social Cancer…

Try to drink away the just guilt,

Sudden stop and then God says TILT!

Go to the office building where you live half your life!!!

Date your secret ary and go home to your wife!!!

Tranquilizers calm ragged out nerves

But they make you sleep

Your car swerves,

Run a red light…get a ticket…

Tell the cop where he can stick it!

Safely home

Jump in the BOTTLE

Alcohol you..


Try to run away from just guilt,

Sudden stop and then God says “TILT!”

And you hope that someday you can retire….

Get aplace in the country…set your bank books on fire!

Now you bite your pencils and forget how to think????

Maybe everything would look a little better with a little DRINK!


Get a little…hippie culture?

Paint a picture…of the future…

Is is bleak

And Kinda scary?

Gettin’ old is


Nowdays AGE is not the villain..

Unless it is YOU IT’S KILLIN’!

(written when I was 16)

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