1982 (written for jo-jo)

When I think I KNOW you

Much to my surprise

Suddenly I notice you are wearing my disguise!

I’m sure I did not understand you heart before your word,

Once again I realize: with judgement comes ‘The Sword’,

I begin to see you

As a separate soul,

As your personality emerges as a whole,

Who am I to point at you and, useless, stand apart,

When we wear the same shoes and we know each others art.

What would I find out if your wall did crumble?

Is there victory in pure honesty….

…I stumble.

Nor priceless stone but broken glass

We can flash the night bright,

and none can tell the difference in the low light,

So I look at you and see the mask within your eyes..

And suddenly I notice YOU…wearing my disguise!

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