1982 (Yo-yo Riding)

I’m Yo-yo riding!

Spinning up and down,

Mental skydiving,

In the air and hit the ground,

You make me happy,

Then you make me sad,

First I have you,

Then you’re someone that I HAD,

And I think I won’t survive this, I think I can’t contrive this,

‘Cause nuthin’s getting THROUGH OOO OOOO….

I really tried to reach you, I really tried to teach you,

But I cannot be with YOU OOOO OOO,

Gentleman gypsie,

My rockin’ romeo ,

You made me typsie,

‘Cause you said you loved me so,

And now I’m rollin’

While you reel me back,

So Yo-yo riding…

Watch  out for the ATTACK!

(song written when I was 18)

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