I Will Dream Of You Again (2003)

I dream of you,

Sometimes in my sorrow fly to you,

You wield the sword for me with stronger arms…

Far away from me in the circle of YOU,

I straddle the realities…

I walk the line,

‘Twixt your dwelling place and mine,

I create the life in my own truth and yet lose youth,

You walk up behind me tall enough your chin rests on my head,

Pressed close together we mesh flesh in braided fingers,

Arms raised high we rise and FLY!

As one great bird arms melt,

Two wings to soar where air is rare and chrystal eyes see sharp detail….


You do not exsist.


You are myself…the man that I would be if I were man…My eternal counterpart,

My helix twin,

None know where I may end and you begin….

WE do not choose the bodies we are dealt,

You spirit hides in one so mortally imperfect,

You hide in one of the rejected wretches…searching…

I will dream of you again…

That man that I would be.

I will sleep and dream and strong flying we are free!


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