I like the frozen dragon-fly,

His winds span a respectable two inches,

There he hangs to wait for death….Motionless on grey branch,

He is a Mona Lisa on Nature’s musuem wall,

Like the cat-shredded furniture and old brown carpet!

I like the too early August Crimson suger leaves,

Too pre-season for comfort,

Standing out against the velvety late Summer backdrop of jangal green,

As a zit on Dresden china-doll skin….

I like the yellow gourds and wide leaved ground vines,

The Shame vines with fragrant purple puffballs,

The smell of red, wet, dirt and fish and healthy worms,

Born on the midwestern gale of the constant hard wind,

Carving red, clay-packt hills into Martian Landscapes.

I like the many species of deadly Nighshade,

Purple star shooting evil yellow cones like bright eyes.

Purple Burdock and and Yellow dock,

Vannilla Prairie Clover growing tall!

Garlic white star flowers wild in maidan,

Pale cream Horsemints taking over,

 Crispy brown pods of vetch!

I like the Trees: Hardy and stunted and drought proof!

The sweet grain grasses! The Sumac bushes…one for poison…

One for Prairie Lemonaid! Chew sour clover pods!

Skunk grapes and mulberries…crab apples and mad apples….

These all hang on while others die and fail!

I am glad the climate keeps greed from us!

But now I am stuck in a room….

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