It’s Kinda Strange

It’s weird living in a cyber ‘hood for a while and then all of the sudden having to ‘pack up and leave’.

You would think after all the years of my life it would be some routine thing but it isn’t. The cyber social scene is alot like the real social scene with manners included. If I was THERE in real life the little hood I lived in I would quickly become a Pariah perhaps…(or get kidnapped and married which would be pretty cool actually)…the only trouble is that cannot happen in cyber ‘hoods….not really.

Why do some of us care so much about the people we meet there?

Well for me it is a list of ‘unable-to-dos’ that put me in a catagory that makes socilizing difficult and catching any kind of mate even more difficult. You would be fair to say the cyber world is my ‘Life’ outside of real life…for real life has so few people in it who give a damn for my existance. Don’t get me wrong, I am GRATEFUL for that few and I know there are none for some and all life is degrees of things. I did learn today that there is no place I really belong. No tribe, No people, and outside of my mother no Family that I can see on any kind of a daily basis….nothing to connect me here that can be THERE for me but this box in this cave casting it’s shadows on the wall, (a nod to Plato’s Republic).

For five years now I have gone and made homes at social sites only to be (voluntarily) run off by people with both good and bad intentions depending on what the case was so I do not know if I will go back to another social site ever again at this point…but if I do I will tell my besties!

Always travelling

Now if I can just get my salt burned face healed up well enough for the next time I try to love anyone or everyone….LOL

What Do You Think?

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