My Friend Ravan’s First Teaching

There is always a lot of bull going around the net… it’s nothing new… no one can see you so you feel you can say anything and its all good… frankly I don’t care either and wouldn’t have said anything too if people hadn’t acted like this was nothing at all and treated it as a good joke or game… now people say and post a lot of stupid stuff they don’t even know anything about trying to appear smart and important when nothing actually is but I won’t just sit back and let this go… coz people have been hurt here…

Insulting someone (intentionally or otherwise) and then saying you were trying to help them isn’t right.. What gave us the right to say something about how someone else is or how someone should live their lives? You ‘think’ you know something about anyone? No….you can’t even fathom the millions of tiny deaths a person dies since they are born… and trying to act like you get them or dare to tell them how to face their lives isn’t just a huge stupidity on our part but it is an insult to the suffering people have undergone… maybe im the biggest hypocrite here for saying any of this but I have to…coz when a person has been broken again and again all their lives by the same persons they care about they are no longer in a state to listen to how they are living their lives wrong or how they should tough it out… they just need someone to love them and to care for them.. and I’m not talking about that love everything just coz you ought to crap just to be a part of the hip new age enlightened camp but to actually look into a person’s heart despite their little eccentricities and see the little things that make them amazing…
You want to be a teacher? You want to be called a master? Well here are a few pointers…
the path that works for you may not work for everyone else too… just like every finger in the hand is different, every person is different too…
and the thing teachers forget the most is like everything else in life the roles of a teacher and a student are also never fixed… the same person you are trying to drill lessons into may be the one holding the key to the next chapter of your book… you say meditation helps??? Well meditate on that….

Dedicated to AS.
Thank You Ravan

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