The Road To The Nameless

We are born,

We roll, then crawl…..

We finally stand and grab onto something and LOOK around,

Look at the trees,

All green things!

The high blue sky!

How tall and beautiful!

Look at the stars…

Tiny pinpoints of giant lights expoding outwards…

Feel the cold water ripple over your feet in the clear stream…

Smile into the sun on a cold day and howl into the moon on a cold night…

And sing to God Almighty….The one and only great nameless creator of all…

Without gender,

Without explanation,

Let men come and go….

Let humans leave and join as waves embrace the shore of the heart,

Always taking a bit of sand with them.

Someday there will be no beach….and the ocean will carry my heart.

And the hands of that one Almighty God will hold me like a child,

And I will rest ,

The Great Nameless One men try to name,

With the attributes men understand.

Let That One witness me…that one KNOWS my heart and my search…



Whatever name men have given you,

All Merciful,

All Bountiful,

All Benificent,

It is only on this feeble faith i stand and yet I STAND!

If All men go I love YOU…

If all turn thier backs I LOVE YOU…

If you never answer in words….


So it is in NO MAN I shall place my faith and love….

For in spite of that which is dark in me….

There is also LIGHT!!!!!




Beloved of the heart…

I am staggering….run to me beloved hurry!



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