Sometime long ago
Our paths diverged
From playing hide and seek in the dark
Making homes under trees for baby tender loves

Why these tears never stop for what can never be
Never brought back again
We have all flown on past the point of no return

Old green honey extractor

Da making bullets

Now my tears roll down a lifetime….
Be blessed always
May you always have friends and love and enough,
People say we choose
I say I was born to be what I am
I am soory I am soory
It was never good enough….
Even if we can never see the same world
know I always love you….


I wish there was another road
One that was not so lonely for us both

At least faces smile in yours

So many dreams that will never be…
Too many tears for too long
I do not even know what I am anymore,

Time….there is no reason,

Friends….off in the far distance,

No one anywhere on the horizon
Will even one foot print footprint be preserved in the stone of time

For super-evolved cockroaches to gaze at and make conjecture?

Will anyone care?
Can they?
The song is almost over now…..

Don’t know what I will do after the song,

Maybe cry with my lover Silence again…
Years gone time fled things over life going….

Please remember me…

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