Do you feel like this world is coming to a close? The news is full of earthquakes and tsunamis and war. A big chunk of the Ice sheet in the North Pole has dropped away and scientists say it will be in some people’s life-time who are alive right this minute when New York City goes underwater. Wild fires where it rains and floods in China, Great Britain and diverse other places. It seems that the weather and the planet are off-kilter.

Recent prophecies brought to public attention come from many sources. Some of these are scientific prophets. They tell us there is a ‘dimming’ effect in the atmosphere due to all the pollution and that this dimming is all that is saving us from massive global warming. There a translations of Mayan prophecies that say the world will end in 2012. There are prophecies in the Native American Tradition that speak of the time we are living in now as a time when Nature personifies gets even with mankind for polluting the Earth. These beliefs speak of floods and animals turning on men to devour them. Many Hindu people believe this is the Fourth Age; the age of destruction. Many Christians believe that we are living in the last days and that soon Jesus will return. There are Many others in other religions who are waiting for this same type of thing to occur.

There are those who point out that we have the capacity to destroy ourselves many times over because of nuclear bombs and the fact that everyone in the world-wide neighborhood has access to them and still others point out that the whole human race could be wiped out with one virus. Many say that Men will have brought this upon themselves by playing God with the natual world.

It seems also that there is an unprecidented surge in our inhumanity to each other as nations and governments…and inhumanity of governments for their people. It is as if the Law has been forgotten and the consequences are to be paid.

Whose Law? God’s Law? Universal Law?

How many minutes before the clock strikes midnight?

Who is responsible for this dillemma?

What do YOU believe?                                                

What Do You Think?

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