Not that it matters all that much but for the sake of the giggle-fart-blossoms I am going to try the direct approach and just spill gut about nothing…after all…that is where it’s atman…oops wrong word at, and THEN man! Anyway I don’t expect anyone to make any sense out of this as there is no point in making any sense…I tried it once and it did not make any sense. The fourth dimensional community of Grindhaggdaashery wishes to honour the effort of…we forgot It’s name…there was a name somewhere…where is it’s name! Has Anyone seen IIt’s name anywhere…(that is what I get for writing things down…)

I was talking with Anyone just yesterday and we saw Noone doing nothing outside of the portal to the now non-planet Uranus…no wait…that was Pluto…sorry a Martian newspaper misprint!

This had been one of those days where I have seen Everyone several times and they STILL won’t talk to me. So Everyone is going to be deleted from my list…but all my friends can stay…Only Everyone is going they just don’t know WHERE they are going…neither do I for that matter…

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