Ala’s Teaching

“Life is a breeze from heaven and a blaze from hell”
I am always saying that to myself, as you can see, or feel… life is not a perfect place, that’s why people believe in heaven, so they can have the eternal peace, happiness and joy.
You’re not the only one who lost things you love, or never had things you wish, but I think it’s not such a good reason to give up leaving.
There’s something in side named Faith. I have learned a lot of things and I am still learning. They always say:”Life teaches you” but there’s another part missing of that saying… it’s “Life teaches you… but not for free.”
For every lesson we have to pay, and we hate the time of paying, and if we didn’t pay we will pay twice, we must think of giving before taking.
Be the dancer in the dark, dance for the ritual of the rising sun.
Feed your faith, feed your collapsed abandoned temple, because it’s your own shelter that will protect you from the pain.
Sometimes we realize that everything we have built become undone, and it’s to late to rebuild again, so that’s mean it’s time to let go, and build over again, carry on living.
It’s time to carry on with the show, the show must go on….
So don’t ever mourn for what is gone, just greet the dawn, it comes to you with a second chance, so don’t give up on that chance, don’t lose it, don’t refuse it, it will come with a new lesson, and you need to learn, because you can’t learn a thing you think you know.
That dawn is going to be your new light… the light is warm, shining down on you after the storm, shining down on you after a long dark night.
Walk through the fire, so you can reach the seas of times, the oceans mercy.
I know how you feel, sometimes… you try to stay on path, try to keep direction, but the voices in your head whispering deception, you will find yourself standing in the middle and you don’t know what to do, so keep go on, get through so you can find all the answers.

And I will be…. standing by your side.


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