The Lesson:

I looked with pity on that woman once

With all the pride of youth and strength

I said, “I am so glad I am not her,”

While I danced the night away

Showing the glory of my form and never saw

How much my choices did not matter to Time.

That poor woman slabbed along

How lazy she must have been?

How many children did she have to wear her so?

Sagging breasts that fed too many!

That was not going to happen to ME!


Time has no mercy nor does time care for your plans

And years pass while you think you still have TIME.

There comes a time when you look in the mirror and you see:

The woman upon which you had such pity,

But unlike her your sagging breasts have no excuse.

And you can see the young women look at you in pity,

As they dance and glory in their youth,

And thank God that they are not you.

What Do You Think?

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