Vanity’s Price

The sun has set…the silence reigns

The flirts are I remain

Pretence is fallen..all are fleet

Here by myself..myself I meet

Somewhere there are lovers bold

But in this room just one heart: cold

The toys are put away my friend

So this glum poem to you I send

The romping child has gone to sleep

The morose adult vigils keep

There are not even tears to weep

Yet all within me roots too deep

This is the time when what is real

Creeps up and taps the heart I feel

Reminding me that nothing is

More to me than what will: HIS.

Oh give me clamour! Clutter! Vain!

I will put on the mask again

I will skip-dance through cyber hearts

I will dodge bright Cupid’s darts

But this dread moment is the life

The real; the ever-cutting knife

And here I am alone once more

Won’dring what I’m living for…

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