Word Salad

Light stains retinal ambiguity

within the absence of all colour presents sunny chimes blue

Washing over heads in cars on the far freeway breezes

Bricks roar silently alive…

Old fence dried and leeched colours

Brick walls red flames black blocks cemented

Over privacy under clear blue skies.

What, when nothing plays beneath the bed but bunnies made of dust

Cobs left ages from some dead philosophists mouth

Whose skeleton now resides for archeologists to dig

And guess what item was his toilet seat and what his throne.

Threads of light dance merrily in the undulant tapestry

Woven by carved fates in books written before there was time to measure or alphabets to scribe.

What universal electric grid plugs into us and says MOVE and pinnochios gasp in mute surprise

As shadowed moons respond to teleologic orgies

Mutating into wave partical wave particle thinning out into partical waves

Losing all meaning without direction duration turns to dusty relics grinning emptily behind tomorrow.

Sound and furious nothing waits for no one WHERE?

She laughs with cruel certitude the the fearie thing that deep connects the nothing with the everything that isn’t

She asks WHY?

Feed her blood and skeletons and fungus from the lighless places and great green springs forth from death

And dies again and so it goes

As synapse burns a message to synapse disordering tomorrow and picking lint from the navel of today.

White noise covers the perpetual roar that only one ear can hear and two fingers type

Words that fall into the abyss of the moment that means nothing now and over

Under into blackout of innerover expand inward uncontained beyond above below blackout light explodes.


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