I went from Myspace to Facebook after some friends told me how much more fun it was. That was a few years ago. I recall when Facebook would shut me down for commenting too much. It has changed alot over the years and so has the world.

Is it me or does anyone else notice the growing lack of ‘sweetness’ and ‘fun’ that once existed? Not just FaceBook, but everywhere (although I will use Facebook as an example), because now it is the most used, free social site of all. I left there. It had become a place of mass cyber attacks and random cruelty; indeed what was supposed to be a haven from reality became the mirror of reality with the exception of the idea of ‘Truth’. Yet even in REAL LIFE people will eat a lie quicker then they will a truth and call those who tell the truth ‘liars.’

I will never go back to FaceBook as it became too much like reality to be of any value to me; complete with wars and fights and accusations and asshole brigades. It is too bad. Facebook was fun for a long time and changed, or the world is a harder, meaner place than it was even 5 years ago.

It is sad.

Here in the silence I am with my powerchair and a sense of complete and utter dissillusionment with everything in the world. Those I pinned bright hopes on as Gurus and teachers turned out to be no more able or smart than I am and those who said they loved me will not even miss me much, if any, now that I am gone from there.

Some real life friends bring up some valid points that this will force you to live more real life. These ARE valid points, these people can also walk with ease, drink, party, and are not too weird to be embarrassing in ‘normal’ society.

I do not like what the world has become. Two minutes of Orwellian Hate is the norm now. “War Is Peace” (and truth is lies) Cameras follow us in and out of town, and the once unthinkable idea I read about in science fiction stories about face/voice chat are also now the ‘norm’. We have a new form of ‘Duckspeak’ we call ‘texting’ and the masses are told what to buy, love, do and create with alarming ease; (see FaceBook).

I have found out a few valuable things while participating the the ‘Shadow worship’ of the modern ‘cave’ of ‘Plato’s Republic.’ Among these things are the fact that humanity is surprisingly similar all over the world and that men and women do not change much except it seems we are not E-volving but DE-volving and one day like the obese denizens of the great ship in outer space from the children’s movie “Wall-E” and EMF will come along in the form of a solar storm or a war device and make us all go…..

….”HUH WHAT!!!!”

What Do You Think?

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