I have come to know that the real truth is, as far as work goes, women are more willing to compromise but that is about the only difference in work quality. Men and women are both capable and smart. Globalism has flattened the economies of many nations. Just because someone is a whore does not mean they are not smart…some even  have a college education!

That is how you kill a nation to take it over, whether metaphorically speaking or actual reality, just castrate the men and screw the women and that nation is done for.

I would ask this, “No power, food prices soaring through the roof, disease everywhere, natural disasters, wars and threats of more wars, and you maybe did not eat all day and a guy comes along and offers you a job. All you have to do is spread ’em in private and look pretty and educated on television. Your dad is sick. Your mom is weak and old. Your brothers cannot find jobs because those in power want to keep them hopeless, and you are the one who can save your family for some sex and a place with the ‘power-brokers.’ So watcha gonna do????”

Can you blame ’em? These young ones trying to survive? Who did this to them? Humanity has begged for kings since the time of Saul and God did not like it but gave us kings as we begged for…but those kings must answer for the power they are given. At the same time we ask for kings and abdicate our power to others. When my first husband drove me to the job of a naked dancer I was hungry. I had nothing but marjuana and a piece of cheese all day and not a big piece at that so, yeah, I did it. I abdicated. I was hungry that day.

You know why no one wins over those crazy Afghans? Death before dishonour. You can’t win over someone who will die for what they believe in. You might think it is brutal, inhuman, and you may not understand it at all but one who does not fear death is an enemy you cannot conquer because even if they all die you still did not win because there is no one to rule over. So in that world what is better? A live whore or a dead one? The more important question is what world made her that way and who was ‘king’ when it happened?

Those who try to play ‘God’ and fashion this world will pay for their misuse of the power they are given.

A quote from Edward Markham’s poem ‘Man With A Hoe’…..”Oh masters lords and rulers of all lands…how will the future reckon with this man? How answer his brute question in that hour, when the whirlwinds of rebellion shake all shores. How will it be with kingdoms and with kings? To those who made him to this thing he is when this mute terror shall arise and judge the world…..

….after the silence of centuries.”



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