Poem To A Dream Lover


If you came to my door and knocked


Would I know you?


When I close my eyes I see you like you were,


That night in a dream so long ago it’s like a dream,


If I fell to hug you would I fall right through you?


Is a day a 1000 years where you live.


If you do not stay with me each moment maybe


The only time I ever had with you


Was one night


When things were at their darkest…


If you could be there? Would I know you?


Looking up into those sad eyes and that thin face…


I never would have chosen you to love


If I had seen you with my human eye


Yet now I hunger for you


All the time.


Are you the final punishment before the last of things?


Just to show me there is nothing left but empty dreams?


Come to me


Come to me


Just one more night my love,


Come to me.

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