You Think You Know People

But you find out you don’t know anything at all.

As time goes on I am finding this world a cesspool. So little in it left that is redeemable that is a miracle that God has not burned it all to the ground. I guess there must still be enough good in it to keep it around a while longer. I feel like am back to childhood once more when the lines are clean and well drawn.  When evil is easy to see. Where mouths have no filters and lives are bare of false decoration other than the imagination. The more I go into the world the more I want OUT of it. Sometimes I just want to lay down and never wake up again. My dreams are so lovely. The world is so sharp and evil. It is not things or wealth. Either way this old world is still sharp and evil. People say that things stay the same but they do not. Why would God destroy everything with a flood if people were not evil continually? Our world is rapidly sliding into the abyss. It is not so easy to see yet….but there will be a time come.

2 thoughts on “You Think You Know People

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