Even If

No one will read what you write keep writing.

Your knee hurts so badly to stand up to do the dishes you cry….do them

You have not been able to do laundry for a month and you have no strength left and you are dizzy on the way out of the coin-op….get your clothes clean.

You are so tired so do not want a shower just sit on the stool and let the water run over you and dry off.

You cannot walk far, or run or do much in the physical realm go out to the park in the wheelchair or power chair and see the sun and if you see people running and playing and kissing and holding hands in your universe while you are alone…do not cry.

People tell you what they think you should do and are capable of just nod and smile, if you are doing your best what they say makes no difference.

Your shoulders hurt and your neck is as stiff as a board and you had to cut all your long hair off because there is no one to care for it but you, try to smile to your online friends and joke over the phone with people who cannot come to see you.

Silence is screaming at you like an angry lover and you want to eat a bullet….LIVE. It is much harder to live than it is to die.

You do not want to get up in the morning and wear street clothes no one will see and makeup no one will care about do it anyway. Dreams may be full of joy and happiness but if you do not wake up and get up you will die.

People you love flock to another you love because she is younger and more lovely than you … just remember all of them will be old one day….

When people accuse you of lying and saying how much more you can do. When they tell you you are cursing yourself for telling the truth (like now), or when they say that you have not been cured because you have no faith or God does not love you…Tell them to go to hell and “please do not let the door hit you too hard on the ass on the way out.”

None of us can live another persons life for them. Have good intentions always…..Just don’t shove Bullshit down someones throat who is crying while they wash dishes and STILL DOING IT!


‘Nuff Said.

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