Holy Pretenders

(Written by the worst of sinners: Me)

Holy pretenders
You pray on time
You give your dime
You wear a mask,

Smile, you dress right
You save the night
For the soul you defile
You offer gifts
You offer love
You smack the Beloved
You make excuses
For your abuses
And then on the back

Of some hadith shove it
You watch porn
After prayer in morn
And then you go eat breakfast
Respect your mom and dad to face
Behind their backs you fuck fast
It would be better if

You were on one side or the other,
Does your heart belong to God
Or are you Iblees little brother?
Better that you be

What you are to everyone
Remember that someday

You’ll have a daughter or a son,
What message will you send them
When they sneak to watch you sneaking?
What evil will you teach them
While you try to teach them GOOD….

….They are ‘peeking.’

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