When It’s Done




Dreams that never-never will come true from the minds of me and you, there is nothing left but smoke,


Schemes that you wove like Magic clothes, that left my heart cold, exposed, until something inside broke,


Love is an empty cup of tears, hunted down throughout the years, like a unicorn that no one ever sees,


And the storybooks all end with the princess gets her man and the singers sing within the groves of trees,


I would try to still believe but your memory makes me grieve I can see you every time you leave me Love,


You are like the surgeons knife, you spill out my very Life until the ground is full of all the tears and blood,


From these now empty veins trace, what you wrote upon my face, in salt stains that are dry and red,


Like the sun, sinking down upon the land, you once held my memory’s hand and you led me as a child,


Free, to was you and it was me, and the song we sang together was a brilliant symphony now it’s Over,


Please how can I forget, that sweet smile when we met like a simitar it carves it’s name upon my head


I run, but my feet cannot outrace, your amazing special grace, and someday I wish to be with you wild-one


If the after-life is kind, we will soul to soul meet and find that we have eternity to spend together when it’s done.

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