Rescue The Princess

I have heard people say being a princess is not all it’s cracked up to be and I have also heard those for whom the general world at large would agree WERE princesses claim they are not such a creature. All that aside I simply wish to make a point that I have observed in real life.

Beauty matters.

A friend posted once that men can see better than they can think but I have seen plenty of women who fall into the same catagory. Good grooming is a MUST at any age so this is not about smelling good and having your hair clean and you clothes pressed; good grooming and beauty are two separate things. If anyone disagrees that beauty is more important than intellect in this world look into the archives of ‘The Learning Channel” for thier ‘wired-for-sound’ beauty trumps brains experiments. (not that I needed those given real life observation…..)

It is a truely amazing human being who can rise above this and SEE past the sex and into the soul…one friend once posted, “It is easy to love the peacock but it takes the greatest love of all to make the wren beloved.” This is the truth then….

I want to be a princess!

Being attractive is acceptable as long as princess vultures are not waiting for you to fall asleep while they circle over your ‘meat’. This world is not so kind. Prince and princess vultures are flying around everywhere and thier sole objective in life appears to be to show the World they are the most worthy of It’s worship: they are very successful!

Ok lets check the themes; to be a princess (with a few modern exceptions from disney like ‘Mulan’ and ‘Shrek’) You have to be helpless, kinda stupid, (not TOOOO stupid you wanna be smart enough to be cute), and you have to be a pretty good singer or dancer and you have to look like some goddess naked; and, in the West, you have to be pretty much naked when ever your keepers, (who make you believe you own them but you don’t), want you to be and children? UGH! Ruin figure! Have them when you are 40 and the hormones help your skin! (Demi Moore, poor thing, is looking kinda haggard these days…but I digress again)

OK I wanna be a princess….where do I sign up?

Oh yeah I forgot….you gotta start this stuff when you are pretty young. At 47 you can BUY ‘princessa’ but it costs about 50,000!

Tell you what….

Just gimme the 50,000…once a year….

I will pay a handsome hunk to act like he cares….bonuses for not looking at other women…:D

What Do You Think?

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