Purple fields and red dirt running along black rocks that stuck together like you and me when things went crazy in the weather on the ground…Your soul runs with mine for a life time and like the rest you were the best and no matter what face you wore I always loved you more…You could never see the the things that way they really were and I was just as blind as you each time I met another ‘you’ and then like wind you came and went or like the wind I blew away the things that make the other stay and try to carry one with out each other on this mortal stage. Speak to me…Speak to me no more…where we built dreams in dirt or in each others heads like little kids and almost believed them and were by them decieved then and finally walked off to live another day alone…in the Unknown. No Tears are falling now no years are left to waste here will be the taste to be remembered for eternity you always love the ones you love they never leave they haunt you always when you grieve the last loss every bird comes homes to roost rent free inside of me…How can you LOVE open this heart ever again to love? It’s scarred beyond repair and nothing left of foul or fair the feelings gone like that tornado that touched down just for a moment and destructed everything deconstructed king and queen and the ashes that are left fly off in the wind before I can catch them in my hands and save them deep inside my heart there is no refuge but my art to tell you all I loved you all I love too much…with or without YOUR touch…the earth is like a grave yard full of broken hearts like a slave yard where the next innocent one will be purchased by someone with a heart of stone and live alone…ALONE…and scream into the emptiness the wordless cries that make the throat to harsh to speak and make arms weak and love lies dead with all the people walking alone in the street so unaware that anything left worthwhile is there….

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