If Hell Is A Creature…..

Questions that have always bugged me for which there was never a satisfactory answer given; these questions span a lifetime of religions I have known….

If everything was known by God before anything was ever created then how is the idea of free will possible and if God does not know everything before it happens and free will IS possible then is it possible that, (people please do not kill me here), God could maker a mistake?

If all creatures are created in perfection then why are some babies born retarded? If they are born retarded and God makes no mistakes and all creatures are created in perfection then to be retarded is to be perfect…right?

If Jesus/Isa (AS) WAS crucified and that was prophecied in Malachi and Isaiah that it was God’s WILL for this to occur then Judas Iscariot did God’s Will…yes? If he did God’s will is he is Hell?

If Hell is a Creature and God promised Hell ‘food’ because it was hungry then were some people created FOR the sole purpose to sin? If they WERE created for that and there is no free will would not then Hell be Heaven for them? If Hell is a creature and there is a last man to get out of hell and then Hell is hungry and empty again will it be OK for an Eternal Creature to suffer?

How come there were no babies born until AFTER the first couple ate the apple of knowledge? Is it because They were then Eternal Creatures and Eternal Creatures do not need to reproduce or was sex the ‘apple’ that the ‘snake’ showed them when they suddenly ‘knew’ they were ‘naked’ and is the ‘fruit’ of the ‘tree’ children? Why do we call it the ‘family tree’?

Is it possible that the old Greek Gods, (and other creatures of great power and might in other religions, known as ‘gods’), could have been the offspring of angels and humans? Was the sin that caused the angels to be tossed from Heaven to Earth the sin of sex and the teaching of civilization to humanity?

Why is the Flood Story found in every human mythology and is it possible more people were saved from the flood then just the ones we know about?

Why do the sons of Abraham/Ibrahim (AS) fight all the time when they should be brothers because they are all the same genetic line (currently being proven by genetics studies in sampling of mass Middle-eastern populations who are turning out to be almost purely Semites.)

OK I will ask more questions later….






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