My love this is the spark….

…that makes hearts drum

If I could rest between your knees


Lay my head upon your chest and listen to those drums


Prove life’s electric test,


If I could wind my arms around your waist and hold on without letting go


For one moment of eternity.


If I could trace my fingers lightly over your sweet face


Tangle them in wild locks and make you feel electric shocks,


Emotions that make us reel and sweat and ache from thighs to throat,


As if the body Itself had tears to cry it sobs,


Muscles spasm hard and leaving weak the wordless mind to die,


Then let me mindless be,


Mindless let my palms tell of your heat,


Barely contact skin through cloth and throat contricts,


Where breath is shallow fast an hard,


As if I had run for you 1000 miles for you: It hurts….


It hurts like one whose leg was cut away,


Yet feel the pain in the night as if it were still there….


Eyes, tearless, still cry for the unseen things,


My body aches with lonliness,


Afraid one touch might make me die of love.


Tell me with your body all the words you cannot say.


Bash down my doors and make me know your love is not just play,


For I would not, now be able to fight love again,


Hold tightly while I cry and fear that I might not survive if this need was met,


Know that my teeth upon your lip is just rage of years,


Stored up, so take my pain and turn it into love?


Please let me give you all stored so in this empty cup,


Flesh that dies another day alone might once more,


Bloom through your gentle fingers like the vines,


These new buds of loves’ flowers that  make us one.

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