Secrets In The Mind


There are those you will love a day or two….like cut flowers in the vase,


There are those you will know for a moment through the money in it’s place,


There are those you will never see or touch who will live forever in your heart,


There are those who will make you smile and cry at the time vowed not to part……


A song may play or a scent waft past from cologne you once had smelled…..


Or a dream may fade that you held for years as it’s magic had you spelled……


Oh the heart can love so many, The heart can love them all….all,


But there comes a time not any…one is there in the night when you call…..


There are those who shared your youth, and those who gave thier souls….


There are those you give your life to save for a ragged heart of holes….


But in all the loves you ever love there is always one that shines bright…


And it seems to be the one we never get to have to warm our night….


Always young and always forever beautiful, the faults of time will never find,


The one who lives forever in the secret garden of your hidden mind.

What Do You Think?

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