The Witch At The End Of The Road

“Hey Tom! Wait up!”

The wheels of his new sleek, black board roared down the road past me as he rocked it into motion even going downhill! Dude was CRAZY! He was far out ahead of me and I guess that old lady that moved in last Halloween heard me cause she hobbled to the door and peeked out.

She was creepy!

When Mason, the blond gal we all wanted to start fires with in the laundromat, was starting just such a fire she caught us out and she told us, “Mason your apartment wall shares the wall with the laundry. Do you want to burn your mothers house down?” She had a big long hand carved stick and wore long black clothes and sometimes we heard music in a weird language coming from her back window when it was open in the WINTER in the SNOW!

She was weird!

Last year we all decided to squirt her apartment house with a huge bottle of Ranch Dressing. She and her mother just squirted it off with water and she told some of the shorties who went past her door and knocked and ran that “bad things happen to kids who do bad things to witch’s houses. That’s when we KNEW. Then Mason’s mom got fired and they could not afford the rent and had to leave so we left her alone and now here she was LOOKING at me!

Tom came back up the road with his board under one arm.

“What’s wrong with you! Damn!,” He smoked already and he was only 12. He stole them from his mothers purse. “Where am I gonna get a costume for Halloween?”

My mom won’t let me have one. She says Halloween is EVIL!

I had been trying not to look at that ladies house but now she was outside motioning us. She must have heard him and….

…there was a BUNCH of Halloween stuff in front of her house and a sign that said, “The Witch Is In.”

Tom slumped over and put his hands in his pockets and walked over and I followed him.

“You need a costume?”

Tom looked up.


“Go ask your mother then…if she says yes you can have one!”

I asked her too and she said the same thing to me so he and I both went running home to ask and my mom said “NO!” like I knew she would and we met back at the Witch’s House.

That lady gave him a fake plastic sword and a black cape and hood she had sewed and a black plastic mask and told him,

“You can be whatever you think this looks like!”

We all wondered about her since she came last Halloween. People who went inside her house came back with tales of how it was weird and very clean and a black or grey cat that was as big as a lion and that she had smelly candals and incense and all that kinda stuff! Tom was happy. I came back later and tried to get a costume too just by asking but she said about my mom again and I guess if she is a real witch she knows my mom said no already so I told her mom said no and thanks anyway and she smiled at me and said “You are welcome.”

He was angry and sad about the Halloween costume but his good buddy decided not to wear one so they would be even. His mother, although she knew he would go a-begging for candy, told him not to Trick or Treat because it was evil and then, with a sigh, she let her son, and Tom, the good hearted bad influence, go……as they walked up the street Tom said, “You think she will be mad at me for not wearing the costume she gave me? I will tell her the dog chewed it up!”, and he smiled a big bright smile. When they got there they stood at the end of the walk wondering if they should walk up to her where she sat dressed in her normal weird clothes with a huge bowl of candy and gifts….

“You go first!”

“No you go!”

But Tom was adamant that his buddy go first so he would not be so shy in this messed up world and then she looked up and SAW them! She smiled and motioned, “You must be a cowboy…and you,” she looked quizzically at Tom…,”hmmmmm….the dog must have chewed up your costume!”, She smiled as Tom almost jumped out of his skin! He whispered, “Uhm…I am a gangsta…uhm…”, then blurted out, “can we have the rainbow slinkies?” That old scary witch gave those slinkies and smiled at them as they walked off very fast.

“Man she is CREEPY!”

“Yeah! She even got your excuse!”

The two kids ran around the ‘hood collecting candy and flirting with girls their own age and trying to bum cigarettes off the old men sitting outside their apartment rooms. When ‘cowboy’ got home he hid his candy in an old tire in the garage and tried to sneak inside.


Yeah his mother was pissed…good and bad all in one night and he did not yell at his mom but he wanted to when she yelled,


That night he had a dream. In the dream a young girl his age came and asked him, “What if you knew your life from the beginning? Would you live it? If you knew everything that was going to happen to you and the people you love would you want to know? All of us are different and have different lives to lead. You have a mother who loves you like I did then. You can run and jump and play. I was like you once. Just like you. Your mother and your father and all the adults in your life were once JUST like you!”

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