Things Never Said

There are things we never say,

We can feel them there…behind the words we type,

Sometimes eyes close and fingers stop and a moment comes and time leaves,

There YOU are,


No letters in a real smile,

Somewhere in blue skies and clouds,

Flying with the birds across oceans and mountains,

Seeing all things,

Take my hand and I will meet you there one day,

Beyond these poor words,

Past these fitful letters that say so little,

All we will never say will not need words,

Will become like light,

Merging into beauty like earth cannot see,

Until we are a smile on the face of Eternity…..

2 thoughts on “Things Never Said

  1. There will be an arrow of us all….linked like a chain…flying into eternity…looking right and left and seeing the smiles of joy of all those we love in this world and beyond.


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