The Mountain

“Too cool too Tackle” with a closet full of old angels…..

He was the first guy I met online. ‘First Person I was social with and brilliant. We were never in any kind of love like romance but we were, oddly and unaccountably, in LOVE. Both of us lied a coupla years about our ages up and down but that made no difference in the end. That kid was a poet like no other. We bonded in a way that passes explanation. We wrote poetry together. He would start a verse and I would finish it. He was my best muse of all time and I found him in a really weird way:

I was looking for my soon to be third ‘hubby’ online because he fancied himself to be a poet and I was hunting of course. I found the ‘Creep’ as he later called himself, back then.

Sarcastic, self controlled, biting sense of freedom and right and wrong. sometimes we fought and sometimes talked for hours at a time non stop.

One day we told each other the truth and I guess he proved he was a real friend because he still is today but he has stepped back and is living his life….but there was a night when a super collider in geneva was going to end the world and I was honoured past all honours that he chose to spend that time with me….

He is always in my mind…living where dinosaurs eat people and words create pictures much better than I can create them…and I still love him.

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