Lao Tzu…The Best Gift

I was minding my own computer beeswax admiring some photos of Muree I found in a friend of a friend’s information. They were really nice photos and I was commenting on them one at a time.


Out of NOWHERE…..this faceless person starts commenting BACK on one of the photos! (this pissed off one of his buddies who was tagged in that photo and kept having alerts to answer a conversation that was not his and went on to have over 100 posts!) This person was slamming the verbal raquetball like “Bam bam Bam bam”…he/she has one DAMNED wicked serve and it was all I could do to keep up! I found out it was a guy and checked out his page and found someone who was hard to guess….Old? Young? Chinese Spy? Suddenly it hit me!

It was Lao Tzu!

I almost fainted!

Every meeting was a public display of hilarious verbal warfare and he would call me “MOTIIIIIII” (which means ‘pearl’ wink wink) and I would tease him about his 10 children in the mountains. The one I called ‘Commander’ once messeged me, “Who is he?” I said, “I do not know I thought he was YOUR friend!”

As time passed our time pass came to be a time pass that maybe meant more to me than him I have no idea but there was one day I cried all day over him when his friends told me he died. I was all over google trying to find out where the bombings in peshawaar were and figured out there were some that very same 24 hours…I was sick that such a bright and beautiful mind would go and when they finally told me it was a joke I was already on the way to being sick three days from cussing them all up one side and down the other.

It ruined what fun we all had before but I still could not stay away from that Chinese Spy from Skardu….

Since Evening Star left me for another who kicked him I keep wish Lao was over 40…but like I told Pasha….”Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster…”

That was a good day…when I got a best gift for a friend.

12 thoughts on “Lao Tzu…The Best Gift

  1. This is the one Evening Star made such a huge deal out of looking like you…no wonder….*sighs*…eh well…good luck I still think I have to wait til Paradise but I am not so sure I will make it…I ate that pomegranite seed….


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