The Guru

I met him at Myspace. He was just starting out then and very humble and believeable and I believed him when he said he did not want to try to convert me to be a Hindu. He seemed more Sufi than Sufi and he was a sweet souled person. Over time He began to change as people challenged him and the one thing he did not like was that I was constantly changing. At one point I was made admin of his inner circle. A token Muslim perhaps? To prove broad mindedness? That is hard to say but he did begin to claim that he could read out minds and become one mind with us if we all just meditated together twice a day.

Not hard. So I did that.

The Mountain from new Delhi also got to meet him and told me that he was not a real Guru. I defended The Guru, of course, because he was such a nice soul. Mountain laughed at me and told me about the day that The Guru asked him to quit pretending and be himself…..(me)…..

We laughed. I am not a kid from New Delhi!

I stayed friends with the Guru but he began to change more over time and it became clear he could not read minds. If he could read minds he would know I am not the Mountain nor am I Ravan….yet he thought both of these things and yet he claimed to read minds…….

… was it possible I could be two male Hindu kids from New Delhi?

I changed names and profiles often and saw (and see now) nothing wrong with that. If I need to change for one reason or another I do. This made the Guru upset and angry and one day he did not wish to be my friend anymore. I asked,

“If we are gods and god is Shiva and Shiva has 10,000 names why cannot I have the same?”

The great detached Guru called me a fart!

I deleted him. I realized that Ravan was right and so was Mountain. The man was only a man who ended up with nothing but the quotes of others to parrot and was just a man….a nice man….even a brilliant man…..

…..but only a man.

I recommended some friends to him one day before the very end. The last proved the finality of the play and hypocrisy as those of the world of drugs and sex and maya were accepted over those of intellect (even though that intellect might be weird…)

I still think of him fondly and often….the man who believed he was a guru…..

I hope one day you get this dream you dream Oh Mighty ………old friend.

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