To Adore LOVE


As if one moment passed and now there is no more




The time is closing quickly like a slowly shutting door




All the words are wasted and all the flights of fancy




I am huddled in a corner in a world grown chancy




He laughs at me from over there, the fiendish ruler fair




He laugh at my affair with Him and fills me with despair




He tells me who I really am when hiding he is not




I hate Love whom I so love: my soul already bought




Millions of fools he whippes along in velvet shackles held




How many towers of virtue has he swept along and felled?




No matter how I try to play to beat him at his game…




In the end he always wins…and it ends up the same…




Please love me Love! I beg of you! Please mock me no longer!




I have spent a life time trying to make our love grow stronger!




Yet there he sits in heartless glory watching me grow old




Laughing from his fiery eyes at the bleeding heart I sold.




He chained me as a child, he used me as a maid,




He beat the woman I became , he then, my heart, betrayed




He paraded his favourites before my weeping face,




He let me know exactly where I should find my place….




He taught me to be hard and filled with disbelief




He taught me, without beauty, your world has only grief




And every word a man might say to me that sounds so sweet




He laughs , shows me reality, and leaves me incomplete




And so I worship at his feet; the only life I’ve known




I reap the sad reality of all the seeds I’ve sown




And hope that in some other day, some other life beyond




I will be his Queen in a heart finally grown fond


9 thoughts on “To Adore LOVE

  1. I recently came across your article and have been reading along. I want to express my admiration of your writing skill and ability to make readers read from the beginning to the end. I would like to read newer posts and to share my thoughts with you.


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