What Men Can’t See (this also applies to a few women as well but far more men)

(A true story)

Most everyone came to the club with thier dates. Some of the guys were engaged to their fiances but most of them,

(this is America), were with girls they had been either living with for a year or two or dating for at least 18 months. Back in those days no one was EVER alone. I was not even alone. I might be on the ‘other side’ from the women in that room but I was not lonely I could have anyone who was available. (I had a rule to NEVER mess around with any other woman’s guy!)

There were a few singles. We sort of hung out together. Most of the singles were guys.

Ronnie was standing next to me ‘monkey-fucking’ my cigarrette, (a term that means ‘lighting your stick off someone else’s already lit one to save the flint in your lighter), when he suddenly whistled so loud he almost busted my eardrum out!

“Hey you almost made me DEAF!”


“Her WHO!”


Oh sheesh…..there she came with her man train. White leather skirt and bra and fishnet stockings and legs that just would not quit! There were always about 7 to 16 guys I knew following her around like puppies doing whatever she asked them to and she took a great delight in ordering them all around….who wouldn’t? Hell If I could have I would have too…my world had taught me THOSE gals were the ones to try to be….the ones to emulate. If you could not walk with them side by side you were called an ‘earth pig’ or a ‘butter face’, (she’s got a GREAT body but her FACE! get a bag!), I knew this stuff because I hung around with the guys and Don said,

“Look at the gal with her she is like that blue ‘Ooompah Looompah’ Berry they rolled out of Willi Wonka’s Factory!”

Sure enough there was a girl hanging on to ‘white leather.’ I guess she was hoping to get the ones that would be kicked for the night. I pitied her. I might not be the world’s greatest beauty but I was ATTRACTIVE, (in a kinda masculine way), and I could arm wrestle and I had respect (but deep down I wished I was a ‘princess’ and still do)  but I felt sorry for that girl, (never thought I would BE that girl!)

Mike laughed, “Hey her face is cute! Look! I get the fat ones I wanna recruit ’em! They can lose weight! Sex burns about 300 calories a session! I can have her!”,

Yeah yeah yeah Mikey….the ‘aim low’ angle and you are sure to get your rocks off on some desperate gal who….eh shit….no wonder I did not choose to sleep with any of them unless I was getting even with my own man…..(yeah I had one).

Looking back I can see what our world made of us, fed us, taught us, and the ones who soaked up all this crap practice it and cannot even see what they are doing! until now I am so full up of knowledge I almost have no soul left…and just recently was reminded once more of the past although this time I AM the fat girl at her side.

It would be hilarious if it was not so sad but then….like I told a friend,

“They were dumping syrup all over my best cyber buddie I just got and even someone I loved a long time left me for her so I kicked them all because she is 100 times the man any of them is….I just pray that she is never me….

Knowledge is a sword that cuts both ways. I had some awesome times in my life….but I know TOO much!

One of my online buddies posted something I will never forget…”it is easy to love the bright peacock…but it takes the greatest love to love the sparrow”….I am neither peacock not sparrow…..Just screwed….

….gimme a robot….

(Music by Pink)

2 thoughts on “What Men Can’t See (this also applies to a few women as well but far more men)

  1. its awesome. and yea that is what happen… mom always teach her boy to respect other women. but i guess guys see more than they think .. even they didn’t mean to say that, but in their mind.. women are object. takes long journey to get a guy who really see us. from inner. that when we grow old and changing. they will not complain. coz we have been their companion for lifetime …
    i hope every woman have enough courage to respect themselves. not being something else just to please her man..


  2. this is what happen. mom always teach her boy to respect other women. but i guess the quote of ‘ man sees better than they think’ is right. even for the ones who claimed themselves to respect, they really will be ‘ass wanna be’ when they are surrounded by their type. even man doesn’t know that shouting and swearing your woman. can bring her to her breaking point. and once a woman broken, there’s no way to mend her heart. it takes long journey to have a guy who really will see what we are.and think that one woman in your life is enough, being loyal is important, and to feel satisfied and thankful for great companion. the one who will not complain when we change due to aging… till then .. i think robot is cool..


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