Even While Eating Dirt

Only one way is holy to self,

To continue.

Pain shoots through everything,

But stand.


Even if it is to die standing,

Die then.

Even as the body falls,

Once more to the dirt it ate,

The soul will rise.

All will fall away one day.

There will be a new journey.


See it is just there!

Paperthin is the veil that separates,

The path that leaves this world,

The road to joy we cannot know here,

Oh Almighty!

When I leave this ball of green and blue,

I want to die to live in YOU.

YOURS is the only exsistance that gives,

Needing nothing.

Even if a tear rolls down a human life,

One day YOUR light will dry it,

The Universe will smile,

When the gypsie comes HOME….

(dedicated to Allah)

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