Before Sleep

She was there.

One the other side of a satellite link. His soul mate…..

He shook his head smiling a bitter little smile and outside the sun was shining and the sky was that pale winter blue that looked like her eyes in some of the pictures. The impossibility of everything. The failing businesses. Even the beautiful land all around seemed darkened somehow and in real life the one he wanted most did not want him.

Why does everything have to be so complicated?” he asked himself as he slumped in the chair that he could spin around in and looked at the lappy on the desk full of dreams and he could feel EVERYTHING this woman was as if he was there but time and YEARS separated them. Everything separated them. They were an impossibility and he got up and looked out the window and imagined he was flying over mountains….His mountains. Green and beautiful and….empty of choice or hope or desire….his head leaned on the window and he would not allow himself to cry for she did not know he had cried with her before.

If only……

The cars went by on the streets below and an odd buzz began in the back of his head and he thought he was maybe dying and was not afraid and, with no warning, he was through the glass and looking back at himself slumped on the open window….!

With wild mind he wheeled around and realized he was not falling! A silver cord ran from himself to himself like the line of an umbilical and he decided then….

….He was GOING!

He willed everything he was and all of it became and the earth fell away and he flew into the light of day and saw the darkside not facing the sun and flew across the small green squares and mountains and sea as straight as the crow flies from one destination to another! He zoomed across the web of bright lights scattered like they were caught in some huge spiders trap and passed once more over mountains in bright starlight under a waning quarter moon…behind him the cord was there connecting him to his life on earth. Over red plains he flew and saw HER….through the walls of her house…crying alone in an electric wheelchair in front of an LED screen where all had gone.

She could not hear him….see him….she was typing something…he lowered himself behind her and saw the girl inside her….she never grew up…never had children….she was full of love and no where to give it. How? How to reach her? He looked at that ethereal hand that was his and reached into her mind.

“Take my hand.”

“Who are you? Why are you in my mind?”

“I am the one who loves you….come with me.”

I was typing about flying and heard the voice saying ‘Come with me”

Suddenly the back of my head was buzzing and I found myself floating above me and there was a silver cord attached to me as well…he reached out a….hand….I took it and together we flew away together wrapped up in each other as one being.



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