We Can Only Live Ourselves

There is no other soul who can live for mine,

No other human being that can truely connect,

People may create illusive dreams,

Imaginary love,


What we feel belongs to anyone else.

No one can live in another’s heart,

Only a photocopied memory,

The echo of a memory of a dream,

Of a mirage,


Those who make claims to ‘know’ you,

Know less than nothing,

What we let others know,

May be truth absolute,


They cannot share the pathways,

The firing of neuron to neuron,

Details of the human masterwork,

Each one of us is,


In crowds,

In Silence,

In Music,

Even dying in the arms of The Beloved,

We each have only one.

If I can move you to any thought,

It is ended.

What Do You Think?

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