I Come For You!

Stepping down stairs
Crumbled ruins overgrown with bright green vines
Cool breezes
Points of sharp warm light
… Paint the rotting leaves beneath my feet
To feel the stain of tannin browned
This old Temple to Love
Arches over long dead gatherings
White coloumns like trees
To each side support established fruit
Hanging from above
Birdsong from somewhere
The sudden gust that cools the sweat
Climbing down
Into the great valley of fields
Barley, wheat, trees with pink apricots
Breathe deeply
Flowers and grain smell and warm sun
Cold heights clash with warm depthsThen it begins!
The people race to meet the traveller
Coming home!

Long gone those ghosts of the trail
To see the top of the world from the bottom
The bottom of the world from the top
To learn all things
The evil
The good

My thoughts are my music
My words are my notes
You are my Muse
You are my heaven on this earth
You who will take me to other places

Fly free!
Above the crowds in awe that came
Feel the face of the sky!
Talk to the beating heart of the oldest Oak!

We make love in the skies
We are one with hawks
Untethered by man
Unbound by the earth

Inside you inside me
The needs majesty

Whisper it to me my love
In the darkness
Create in me the desire
In darkness of this dance
Older than time

Swinging in stops
Stopping in moments
Prolonging the scream of release
Panting with the effort of the chase
Capturing holy grace
The dance as old as time
Swinging in stops
Stopping for that lovely torture
Without getting begs for more
Better than the satiation
I came here to meet you
My love my darling I came
Over the hills and on these old trails
Lined by the cumbling coloumns
I came for you
To meet those who ran to see you in joy
I came to be with you to be as one
My muse of forever
My faceless love
You who do not belong to this world
Rescue me from it
Leave where there is no yesterday
No tomorrow!

There will be no ‘last moment’
Our song will play
Will dance a million dances
In timeless time together
Merged into one light
Like we have never been
We will be each others first
For love for life for laughter
For heart for the end of the journey
For the beginning of the journey
For the center of the circle
In your circle
In mine

Faceless lover of forever
I have come for you
Through the fields of barley
Through the orchards of apples and apricots
I have come for you
With the cool breeze
Drying the sweat of the years
The Trail to forever
I have come for you
From yesterday and tomorrow and forever
I have come for you

Take me in your arms
Fly away with me to that place
Where dreams are reality
Where reality is dream

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