When it’s time to end love
No one wants to be the ‘bad guy’
No one wants to be the ‘sad guy’
But that’s all there is in the end
She is thinking, “I can’t hurt him
… If I say ‘No’ I desert him…
So I will make all these reasons
To delay this all these seasons
He is thinking, “What I vowed…
I would never leave her side
I will always love her
But she doesn’t want to be my bride.”
To delay the choice and stretch the time
Just hurts the heart more later
‘Cause two people never think they love
Unless some feeling’s greater
Love is more than emotion
True Love is a choice
True Love’s strange devotion’s
ACTIONS speak in thier best voice
It is no gift to a lover
To keep them when it’s over
It is no mercy to stay to show
When one should have gone long ago
True Love is not just laughter
True Love is not just play
Sometimes True Love has to make a choice
To go or stay
True Love…when it’s mastered
Is there when all things fall
It loves her when she has no teeth
It loves him when he’s bald
Love loves inside of the smallest hut
Or palace grand
But Love does not care where it lives
Love makes only one demand:
“You will be with me
In sickness and in health
In poverty or riches
You are more than ‘myself’
For better or for worse
Until the day one of us dies
We will choose LOVE above
All those things called ‘love’
…….that are only lies.”

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