Waiting For you

Your symphony of thought falls into this untended heart
Weeds are as valuable as medicine useful tenderness
Let all things live together in me revealed as earth whirls
Circling forwards in arms that embrace galaxies of space
I will let You carry me forward…I cannot even breathe
… Unless You will it…If there is no human soul intended
You own my soul, You are the commander of It’s Love
So I will wait and write until You speak into my soul
I am waiting for what is past this poor flesh sack of bones
Beloved…there is no one here anymore…heart drums
Diurnal beats and soul is crying as if the whole world
Was just another prison…What is this in me that is all Desire?
Cannot even sell it for any price…conscience speaks of right
Cannot give it away…to be kicked into the dirt of the market of Life,
How long Beloved will You leave me to cry alone for you?
I know you can see me…why can’t see You…I love you…
Appear before me…please not one more day like this…
I will stay awake all through the dark hours and wait for You…
Each day until THAT day when You, Beloved, choose to see
My door with the fires lit inside…waiting for You…

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