God’s Love

God’s Love can sometimes be known
Talents given to Earth’s children
The physicians mind to heal
The carpenters hands to build
The farmers knowledge of the earth
… The mothers smile of love
At her child’s first step
The laughter in a fathers eyes
As he teaches the young ones something new
God’s love is everywhere
If you are lucky enough to see it
It is not always easy to see
Who is allowed to rule this world
Such a short time
Puts glitter and empty promises
Before minds and faces made hungry
By false dreams.
God’s love can be seen sometimes
When we do not expect it
In the words of someone we never imagined
Would be a friend
In the time spent on another human being
Lonely too in this big world
Sharing pain and laughter and friendship
In all that we have to love here
Trees and flowers
Animals and skies and planets
Galaxies and minds and hands
To type these words….
God’s Love can be seen sometimes
The greatest gift of all
The ability to know it when it comes….
May God love you all…always.

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